Start a Shipment

Option 1: Request a Shipping Label

Use this option to print a free shipping label instantly when you’re ready to ship 25 or more LCDs.

  • Selling 50+ LCDs or order value over $200: Download our LCD Buyer shipping label. Shipping charges on us!
  • Selling 25-49 LCDs or order value under $200: Download our LCD Buyer label. Shipping charges will be deducted from your order value.
  • Selling 1-24 LCDs: Wait until you have more to sell, then contact LCD Buyer.

Option 2: Request a Box with Label

Use to request one or more shipping boxes (each holds 120 LCD screens) with prepaid shipping labels.

Need to ship immediately? Call (1.866.504.5437) or email us today and we’ll send you all the supplies you’ll need to pack and track your shipments.